Virginia State Route 76 is a toll road that goes from I-195 in Richmond to SR-652/754 in Brandermill. The route is a toll freeway connecting some of the southwest Richmond suburbs to the city.

VA-76 Shield

The Route Path:

VA-76 starts at an interchange with I-195 and VA-147 in the Carytown District of Richmond. The freeway heads south, before having an interchange with VA-146 as it curves southwest and crosses the James River. Shortly after crossing the river, VA-76 has an exit for Forest Hill Avenue, followed by an interchange with VA-150 along the Richmond City Limits and the freeway enters Chesterfield County.

After the interchange, VA-76 curves more southwest and has an exit for SR-686. Eventually, the freeway has an interchange with US 60 as it passes by the CDP of Manchester. After the exits, VA-76 continues southwest as it still passes through suburban areas, before eventually curving west and having an exit for SR-653.

After this exit, the freeway shoots west as the suburban areas start to fade, and eventually VA-76 has an interchange with VA-288. The freeway continues west from here, before reaching its western end at an intersection with SR-754. The road itself continues west as SR-652 and eventually reaches US 60.

My Experiences:

I have been on VA-76 twice, both on June 4, 2023. The part I was on is from the northern end at I-195 to the US 60 interchange. I've crossed it on VA-288 multiple times as well.

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