US 33

 US 33 is a road that goes from US 20 in Elkhart, Indiana, to US 1, US 301, and VA-33 in Richmond. But since this is a Virginia-based website, this page will only have the Virginia portion of US 33.

US 33 Shield

The Route Path:

US 33 enters Virginia on Shenandoah Mountain. After entering the commonwealth, the route goes down Shenandoah Mountain, passes by Switzer Lake, and heads toward Rawley Springs. About 11 miles later, US 33 reaches Rawley Springs, though it only passes by it.

After passing by Rawley Springs, the route passes through rural western Rockingham County. Just over 5 miles later, US 33 passes through Hinton, and continues its rural course before reaching Dale Enterprise. After that, the route becomes more suburban and widens to 4 lanes as it approaches Harrisonburg. 

US 33 passes through Western Harrisonburg until it gets to downtown and meets VA-42, where US 33 drops to 2 lanes. A couple blocks later, US 33 gets to Court Square, where both directions of US 33 split. The eastbound lanes turn left and meet US 11 east of the Rockingham County Courthouse. East US 33 goes concurrent with North US 11, while it’s the opposite for West US 33 and South US 11. Just after the concurrency starts, it ends and US 33 is reunited.

A couple blocks later, US 33 widens to 4 lanes again. It runs through eastern Harrisonburg, about 1.3 miles later, US 33 meets I-81, and the route continues through heavily commercialized areas as 6 lanes. After finally leaving Harrisonburg, US 33 goes back to 4 lanes. The route goes through slightly suburban central Rockingham County.

About 2.25 miles later, US 33 meets VA-276 and goes through Penn Laird. Shortly after, the route meets SR-996, which provides access to McGaheysville. A little bit later, US 33 runs just to the north of McGaheysville. Almost 5 miles after, Business US 33 splits off to go into Elkton. US 33 bypasses Elkton to the south, and has a freeway exit for US 340, which is where US 33 reunites with it’s business route.

US 33 East approaching SR-981 in Rockingham County.

After Elkton, US 33 runs by some of the Blue Ridge Mountains as it approaches them, which happens after 4 miles, and the route reduces to 3 lanes. US 33 climbs up the Blue Ridge Mountains, where it has a small interchange with Skyline Drive at the top.

US 33 West at its junction with Skyline Drive.

After the interchange, the route heads back down the mountains as it enters Greene County. After leaving Shenandoah National Park, US 33 approaches Lydia and reduces to 2 lanes. After going by Lydia, the route continues down the mountains, where it widens up to 4 lanes and intersects SR-810.

US 33 widening to 4 lanes west of SR-810 in Greene County.

Shortly after, Business US 33 splits off for Stanardsville, while US 33 bypasses it to the south. After 2 miles, the routes reunite, and US 33 heads southeast through rural Greene County. It intersects SR-633 in Quinque, before reaching Ruckersville, where the route intersects US 29 and shrinks to 2 lanes.

US 33 leaving Ruckersville.

US 33 Westbound approaching Ruckersville, during some construction.

US 33 continues through rural Greene County, before entering Orange County after about 2 miles. Shortly after, the route reaches Eheart. After about 3 miles, US 33 gets to Barboursville, where it intersects and goes on a concurrency with VA-20.

US 33 intersecting SR-644 in Eheart.

US 33 approaching the VA-20 concurrency.

After the concurrency, US 33 goes through the Southwest Mountains. Shortly after leaving them, the route reaches Gordonsville, where it goes on a short concurrency with VA-231, that concurrency ends at a roundabout with US 15, which US 33 runs concurrent with through Downtown Gordonsville.

US 33 approaching Gordonsville.

US 33 entering Gordonsville just west of VA-231.

US 33 and VA-231 approaching the Gordonsville Roundabout.

US 33 concurrent with US 15 in Downtown Gordonsville.

Just southeast of Gordonsville, the route splits from US 15. US 33 goes through rural Louisa County, until it reaches VA-22 in Trevilians, where the routes go onto a concurrency until they get to Louisa, where they pick up VA-208, but US 33 leaves the concurrency after a couple blocks.

US 33, VA-22, and VA-208 in Louisa

US 33 heads southeast for a few miles, before reaching US 522, which it goes concurrent with for less than a mile, and US 33 continues eastward. The route continues throughout rural Louisa and Hanover Counties until it reaches Montpelier, where VA-54 meets its west end.

US 33 East of US 522

After VA-54, US 33 stays rural until it reaches the Henrico County line, where it widens to 4 lanes and has an interchange with I-295. US 33 continues through the Richmond Suburbs, where it meets Hungary Road and later, Parham Road.

In Dumbarton, US 33 meets VA-356. It also meets Dumbarton Road before having an interchange with I-64. US 33 continues after I-64, and enters the City of Richmond right before reaching US 250.

US 33 and US 250 run concurrent east through Richmond, and shortly after meeting, they have an intersection with VA-197 and an indirect interchange with I-195. Shortly after, they meet VA-161, and continue to approach Downtown Richmond.

Once the routes reach US 1 and US 301, US 33 splits off, while US 250 continues east. Just south of I-64/95, US 33 breaks off of the concurrency, and heads east through Northern Downtown Richmond, the route goes over I-95 on Leigh Street Viaduct, and meets VA-33 at the end of the viaduct, which is also the end of US 33.

My Experiences:

I have been on US 33 countless times, due to it being the closest US route from me. It is most likely in my top 3 most used routes all-time.

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