Virginia State Route 125 is two (unconnected) roads that go from VA-10 and VA-32 in Chuckatuck to VA-337 in Driver. The part of the route over the Nansemond River has been closed since 2005, and was torn down in 2007.

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US 29

 US Route 29 is a road that goes from MD-99 in Ellicott City, MD to US 90/98 in Pensacola, FL. Since this is a Virginia based website, this page will only have the Virginia part of the route.

In Virginia, US 29 is mostly a 4-8 lane divided highway, and is a major corridor. It's also an alternative for I-81 and I-95. Parts of the route in Amherst/Nelson and Madison Counties can be very scenic.

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 Interstate 77 is a major interstate highway that crosses Virginia. It enters the state inside the East River Mountain Tunnel, concurrent with US 52, and leaves the state near Cana. In the future, the interstate will be concurrent with I-74 through its part of the state.

Outside of Virginia, I-77 begins at I-90 in Cleveland, Ohio, and extends down to I-26 near Columbia, South Carolina. Since this is currently a Virginia-based website, I will only do the part of the interstate in Virginia.

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