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 Virginia State Route 43 is a state route that goes from US 220 north of Eagle Rock, to Business US 29 in Altavista.

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The Route Path:

VA-43 starts at an intersection with US 220 in Botetourt County, just north of Eagle Rock. The route heads east, running next to the James River, and goes through Eagle Rock. VA-43 turns away from the river, as it goes through hilly terrain.

The route turns south, going next to the James River again, and passes under I-81 shortly after. The route enters the town of Buchanan right after. In Buchanan, VA-43 meets US 11, and both routes head south on a concurrency, crossing the James River. After crossing the river, VA-43 splits from the US 11 concurrency, and continues east again.

After leaving the town, VA-43 climbs up the Blue Ridge Mountains, enters Bedford County, and reaches the Blue Ridge Parkway. VA-43 goes on a concurrency with the parkway for a few miles, leaving the concurrency at Peaks of Otter. The route goes back down the mountain, and continues south through rural Bedford County.

After a few miles, VA-43 enters the town of Bedford, and goes on a concurrency with US 221 into the downtown. VA-43 turns onto Main Street for a block, before turning south onto South Street. The route then leaves the town after crossing US 460.

VA-43 continues south through Bedford County, before meeting VA-24. The routes go on a concurrency, heading southeast, before VA-43 splits from the concurrency. The route goes south again, before going through hilly terrain, and entering Campbell County.

After entering Campbell County, VA-43 goes east, next to the Roanoke River. The route then goes southest, having a diamond interchange with US 29. VA-43 then enters the town of Altavista, where the route reaches its eastern terminus at Business US 29.

My Experiences:

I have never been on VA-43.


 Virginia State Route 45 is a state route that goes from VA-6 south of Fife, to Business US 15 and Business US 460 in Farmville.

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The Route Path:

VA-45 starts at an intersection with VA-6 south of Fife. The route goes south through southern Goochland County, before crossing the James River into Cumberland County and the community of Cartersville. VA-45 goes around the small community, before continuing through rural areas.

After a few miles of going through rural Cumberland County, VA-45 reaches US 60. Both routes head southwest, meeting the west end of VA-13, before entering the CDP of Cumberland. Southwest of the community, the routes widen to a 4-lane divided highway, before VA-45 splits from US 60.

VA-45 goes south through more of Cumberland County, passing through multiple unincorporated communites, before entering the Farmville area. The route passes through an area just to the north of Farmville, before crossing the Appomattox River into Prince Edward County, and Farmville. VA-45 enters the downtown of Farmville, before reaching its southern terminus at Business US 15 and Business US 460.

My Experiences:

I have likely never been on VA-45, if I have, it was probably years ago.

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