June 4, 2023 - Trip to Midlothian

 This is my first Road Trip of the year that doesn't begin in Greene/Orange Counties, and the second such trip of my career, after November 27, 2022. The Trip comes one day after my asterisked trip TO the Richmond Area, and this day would be the first trip to come out of this "vacation".

Part One - To Midlothian

The trip would begin at around 5:20 PM, with my first picture coming at 5:23. The next picture of the trip would come 2 minutes later, before a gap lasting until 5:34 PM. At 5:37 PM, I would take Exit 41B from I-295 onto US 301/VA-2 South, before entering Henrico County less than a minute later.

I would merge onto I-95 SB from US 301 at 5:42 PM, before entering the City of Richmond two minutes later. At 5:45 PM, I merged onto I-195 SB, before getting onto VA-76 just 2 minutes after. At 5:48 PM, I crossed the James River, before going through the toll booths and entering Chesterfield County 0at 5:50.

At 5:53 PM, I would take the exit onto US 60, heading westbound on that route. Just over a minute later, I would arrive at my destination for the trip, staying there for almost an hour.

Part Two - From Midlothian

I would leave the destination at 6:46 PM, before merging back onto VA-76 at 6:50 PM. 4 minutes later, I would go back through the toll booths, and I crossed the James River again at 6:55 PM. Under a minute later, I would be back on I-195, passing the beginning of VA-146.

At 6:57 PM, I would pass through the VA-6 Exit, followed by the exit for US 33/250 just a minute later. Also at 6:58 PM, I would record a 27 second video along I-195, before merging back onto I-95 NB at 6:59 PM.

At 7:02 PM, I would take Exit 82 back onto US 301/VA-2, before having a short photo gap that lasted 3 minutes. At 7:05 PM, I entered Hanover County again, before crossing over I-295 a minute later. Unlike the first part of the trip, I continued north on US 301/VA-2, before reaching SR-638 at 7:07 PM.

The rest of the trip's path is unknown from here, but I likely took SR-638 (Atlee Rd.) down to to SR-627, crossing SR-640 at 7:11 PM, before turning onto SR-643 at 7:15 PM and reaching US 360 at 7:17 PM. My next photo wouldn't come until 7:36 PM, approaching I-295 on US 360 WB, and then I likely used SR-642 back to SR-627, reaching the intersection at 7:40 PM. My last photo of the trip would come at 8:34 PM, at the intersection of SR-627 and SR-2230.


This trip would see me (almost) clinch I-195, if it weren't for the short section east of VA-76, which I got on for the first time. The trip would also end up being foreshadowed by a trip to Yorktown the next day, which got me into King and Queen County for the first time ever.

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