June 5, 2023 - Trip to Yorktown

 This trip was the first in my roadgeek career that I took the day after another trip, and this trip also marked my first time in King and Queen County. I took 208 pictures on the trip, which took two very different routes to and from.

Part One - TO Yorktown

I left the starting point for the trip at about 11:50 AM, taking my first picture of the trip at 11:52, on US 360 EB. 5 minutes later, I entered King William County for just the second time in my life, and first time of the year.

At 12:02 PM, I reached VA-30 in Central Garage, turning east onto the route. I would pass through the community of Whites Shop at 12:10 PM, before continuing back through rural King William County. 13 minutes later at 12:23 PM, I entered the Town of West Point, and I eventually reached the intersection with VA-33 at 12:27.

Just over a minute later, I crossed the Mattaponi River for the first time ever as I entered King and Queen County. At 12:31 PM, I reached the west end of the VA-14 concurrency, and just two minutes later, I reached the east end of the concurrency, turning onto VA-14 EB.

At 12:37 PM, I passed through the community of Plain View, before entering Gloucester County and reaching US 17 at 12:39 PM. 8 minutes later, I reached the west end of Business US 17 in Gloucester, and at 12:49 PM, I made it to the other side of the town. Here, I got a picture of a sign that included "TO WEST VA-3", which raised my lowest route number without a picture from 3 to 5.

At 1:02 PM, I turned onto SR-1237, to go eat lunch at a seafood restaurant near the York River. I would take a picture of the restaurant sign at 1:05 PM after taking numerous neighborhood roads.

I would leave the restaurant at about 2:30 PM, taking my first picture back on the road at 2:32 PM. My next picture would be 2 minutes later, as I turned back onto US 17. At 2:36 PM, I reached the George P. Coleman Memorial Bridge to cross the York River into York County.

Just a minute later, after I got off the bridge, I exited US 17 to Mathews Street. I used that to get to Water Street, before reaching Yorktown right after. I took a picture of the area at 2:42 PM, and 22 minutes later, I took a picture of the bridge over the York River.

US 17 over the York River.

Part Two - FROM Yorktown

I would leave Yorktown at about 3:15 PM, taking my first picture of the second part of this trip at 3:21 PM, at an intersection with VA-238. At 3:24 PM, I crossed US 17, before reaching SR-1020 two minutes later. I turned west to stay on VA-238, entering the City of Newport News at 3:29 PM. At 3:30 PM, I reached VA-143, and likely took a quick gas stop before heading west on the route at 3:34 PM.

A couple minutes later, I merged onto I-64 WB, entering York County again at 3:38 PM. Just a minute later, I passed by the eastern VA-199 interchange, and at 3:42 PM, I passed by the west end of VA-143. At 3:45 PM, I passed by the western VA-199 interchange, before passing through the VA-30 exit at 3:50 PM.

At 3:53 PM, I entered New Kent County, and started to take photos less often from here. I passed through the VA-155 exit at 4:01 PM, followed by the VA-106 exit at 4:04 PM. At 4:12 PM, I merged from I-64 onto I-295 NB.

5 minutes later, I took a picture of the sign that I took my very first road picture of, which is the I-64/Charlottesville distance sign on I-295 NB after the SR-615 exit. At 4:18 PM, I exited onto US 360 EB, before making a stop at about 4:20 PM. I would take my final picture of the trip at 4:28 PM, at the US 360/Creighton Pkwy. intersection.


This trip gave me one new county; King and Queen County. This would also be the final trip I took before switching to the "zoomed out horizontal" photo style the following day.

As of 6/6/24, this would be the most recent time I was in King William, King and Queen, and Gloucester Counties.

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