May 21, 2023 - Trip to Orange

 This is the 4th Road Trip that I've been on this year, just three days after my Trip to NC on May 18th. This time, Orange, VA finds itself as the main destination of the trip. Just like my first documented Trip to Culpeper from March 18th, the reason I went was to visit a certain store/restaurant. In this case, it was Long John Silver's, which did taste quite good.

Part One - To Orange

This trip would begin at around 12:50 PM, and I would take my first picture of the day at 12:55 PM, approaching the US 29/33 intersection. I would take a total of 6 pictures in Ruckersville at that minute, before taking my next on US 33 EB at 12:57 PM. A minute later, I would enter Orange County take a quick stop at a gas station at 1:01 PM.

The first picture of the trip, approaching US 33 on US 29.

The US 29/33 light.

I would leave the gas station at about 1:09 PM, taking my next picture approaching VA-20 at 1:11 PM. Also at that time, I would turn north onto VA-20, taking a picture of the distance sign. My next photo would be at 1:13 PM, at the intersection with SR-738, and at 1:17 PM, I approached the VA-20/231 Roundabout in Somserset. It was here where I would take arguably my favorite picture from this trip, at the exit for North VA-20, I try to recreate this picture every time I'm at a roundabout nowadays.

Approaching the western US 33/VA-20 intersection.

One of my favorite road pictures, at the VA-20/231 roundabout.

At 1:24 PM, I would enter the Town of Orange, and reached US 15 a minute later. Three minutes later, I would take a picture of the sign for the town's McDonald's location, and I arrived at Long John Silver's just after, spending about 10 minutes there.

Heading north on VA-20 from VA-231.

A McDonald's sign in Orange.

Part Two - From Orange

I left the restaurant at 1:38 PM, taking my first picture of the second half of the trip at this time. The next couple of pictures I took are of the mountains, two of which made it to my favorites list. I would enter Madison County on US 15 at 1:41 PM, reaching the east end of VA-230 under a minute later.

US 15 NB approaching the Rapidan River.

Looking north on US 15 as I turn onto VA-230 WB.

I turned west onto VA-230 here, though my phone's battery was slowly getting lower and lower. At 1:44 PM, I reached the intersection with SR-685, and at 1:46 PM, I took a picture of a westbound distance sign. At 1:50 PM, I reached the east end of the VA-231 concurrency, granting me a full clinch of VA-230.

The first Westbound distance sign on VA-230.

Approaching US 29 on VA-230/231.

I would take my final picture of the trip at 1:51 PM due to the low battery on my phone, the picture was of the VA-230/231 WB/NB distance sign. After I stopped taking photos, I turned south onto US 29, and took it back home.


I got 65 photos this trip, which isn't much now, but was quite a good number then. Also on this trip and mentioned above, I finally got a full clinch of VA-230.

As of May 21, 2024 (one year later/the publish date for this), I have yet to be on the part of VA-230 between the eastern VA-231 intersection and US 15, and the part of US 15 between VA-20 in Orange and VA-230. I have been on VA-20 from the western US 33 intersection to its northern end at VA-3 on 7/8/23, however.

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