November 27, 2022 - The First Trip

 This trip is my very first documented road trip. I only have 38 photos on the trip itself, but 51 for the whole day. I will only be showing some of the 38 from the main trip.

The First Trip - Part One

On the morning of 11/27/22, I was heading back from New Kent County, where I had stayed at my uncle's for a couple nights, and I took a few bad road pictures in the rain. Shortly after 11 AM, I stopped at the Mechanicsville Christian Center, and left to go to Short Pump. I spent some time eating there, and I hit the road to head back to the Charlottesville area.

The First Trip - Part Two

I took my first picture of the actual trip at 2:44 PM, my style of taking road pictures was way different than it is today. My next picture did not come until 7 minutes later, at 2:51 PM. Around 3:02 PM, I got to Westbound I-64's exit 152, and decided to take it, since there was a traffic backup just west of the exit.

My first photo of my first trip.

7 miles away from US 522.

I assume this is after US 522’s exit.

I took that route to its end at US 522, and took that north, where I passed through the small community of Apple Grove, and got 3 pictures before I reached US 33. I turned left, and took US 33 to Louisa, where I got a few pictures in Louisa. At 3:44 PM, I turned right at the west end of the US 33/VA-22 concurrency, to head towards Gordonsville.

US 33 and US 522 are concurrent for about a mile.

US 33 and VA-22 also go with VA-208 in Louisa. This picture is my Flickr account’s profile image.

US 33 splits from VA-22. This picture is one of the background images for this website.

At 3:53 PM, I reached US 15, and headed into Orange County, and Gordonsville. I continued on US 33, to head towards Barboursville and Ruckersville, and at 4:03 PM, I took my final photo of the trip, just west of Barboursville.

Orange County line.

Entering the town of Gordonsville.

My final picture of my first trip, 7 miles to Ruckersville.


I had set my short lived record for most photos in a day! That would be broken on December 10, 2022, on My Barboursville-Keene-Waynesboro-Charlottesville Trip. The way I take my photos has changed a ton since. The US 33/VA-22 split image found itself on the background of this website, and the US 33/VA-22/VA-208 concurrency image has been my Flickr account's profile image.

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