Virginia State Route 300 is a road that goes from VA-13 in Powhatan CH to US 60 just to the northeast of Powhatan CH. It is a short connector for US 60 and VA-13, which both meet to the east of the town.

VA-300 Shield

The Route Path:

VA-300 starts at US 60 just northeast of Powhatan CH. The route slowly curves southwest, as it approaches Powhatan CH, once in the county seat, VA-300 meets VA-300Y, and turns to the north, right before turning to the west, along Courthouse Tavern Lane. Shortly after, the route reaches its south end at VA-13 in Powhatan CH.


VA-300Y is a very short Y route that goes south from VA-300 just east of the Powhatan County Courthouse. The route ends at SR-1003, just south of where the Y route begins.

My Experiences:

I have never been on VA-300 nor VA-300Y.

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