Intertstate 295 is an interstate spur of I-95 that goes from I-64 in Short Pump to I-95 south of Petersburg. The route is used as a bypass of Richmond for I-64 and I-95 traffic.

I-295 Shield

The Route Path:

I-295 starts at an interchange with I-64 in Short Pump. The interstate goes northeast, having an interchange with Nuckols Road, before turning slightly to the east, and having an interchange with US 33.

Sign for I-295 on Eastbound I-64.

After the US 33 exit, I-295 turns more southeast, has an interchange with Woodman Road, before reaching US 1 and I-95, which I-295 has interchanges with.

I-295 after the northern I-95 Junction.

After the junction, the interstate continues southeast, before having an interchange with US 301/VA-2, followed by one with SR-627 not long after. After that interchange, I-295 heads south, before an interchange with US 360.

I-295 at the SR-627 Interchange.

Right after the exit, the interstate crosses under VA-156, without an exit, and continues south towards an interchange with SR-615. I-295 continues south, before an actual exit with VA-156. After the exit, the interstate re-intersects I-64, and has an interchange with US 60 right after.

At the eastern interchange with I-64.

I-295 continues south, before an interchange with VA-895. The interstate curves to the southwest, before an interchange with VA-5. After the interchange, I-295 crosses the James River, and has interchanges with SR-618, and VA-10.

VA-895 Interchange

VA-5 Interchange

VA-10 Interchange

After the interchanges, the interstate crosses the Appomattox River, and passes by the west end of Hopewell. Southwest of the city, I-295 has an interchange with VA-36. The interstate curves around Fort Lee, before passing over VA-106 just west of Prince George.

I-295 one mile away from the VA-36 Interchange.

I-295 curves to the southwest again, before an interchange with US 460. Shortly after, the interstate meets I-95 again, and I-295 meets its southern terminus.

I-295 at its southern terminus.

My Experiences:

I have been on the northern part of I-295 many times to bypass Richmond. I clinched the rest of the interstate on October 21, 2023. My very first road/sign photo was on westbound I-295 just after the SR-615 Exit.

My very first road picture I have ever taken. 7/10/22.

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