Virginia State Route 100 is a road that goes from VA-61 in Narrows to US 221 along the town limits of Hillsville. The route connects Narrows and Pearisburg to Dublin, Pulaski, and Hillsville, and vice versa.

VA-100 Shield

The Route Path:

VA-100 starts at an intersection with VA-61 in the town of Narrows. The route heads east as Main Street, shortly before leaving the town and curving northeast. VA-100 runs parallel to the New River, curving east as it approaches the town of Pearisburg. Eventually, the route reaches the town, and turns onto a concurrency with Business US 460, just south of Mainline US 460.

The routes head east, before eventually turning south into Downtown Pearisburg. Shortly after, Business US 460 splits from the concurrency, and VA-100 continues south, widening to a 4-lane divided highway as it leaves the town.

After leaving Pearisburg, the route heads south through some hilly terrain, intersecting numerous secondary routes. Eventually, VA-100 curves to the east as the median returns to normal, running parallel to the Cecil Branch, and passing over Walker Creek shortly after as the route curves south again. VA-100 continues south, now running parallel to the creek as it stays relatively flat, yet curvy.

Eventually, the route curves southwest and reaches the community of Staffordsville. After passing through the community, VA-100 continues southwest as it shrinks into a 2-lane undivided highway. The route gains and loses elevation as it passes through mountainous terrain, before eventually reaching an intersection with the eastern end of the VA-42 southernmost segment. VA-100 continues south from here, shortly before crossing into Pulaski County.

Just after entering the county, the route has an intersection with SR-601 and widens back into a 4-lane divided highway. VA-100 heads southeast, passing over another mountain gap as it begins to lose elevation. Shortly after, the route passes over Back Creek, and curves to the south. Eventually, VA-100 passes by the New River Valley Airport as it approaches the Town of Dublin.

Once the route reaches the town, it has a small interchange with US 11, shortly before leaving the town and reaching a diamond interchange with I-81. VA-100 turns onto South I-81, and the route continues southwest with the interstate. Shortly after, VA-100/I-81 pass over the Peak Creek, before having an interchange with VA-99.

The routes continue southwest from here, shortly before having an exit for SR-659. Eventually, VA-100/I-81 reach an interchange with US 11, where VA-100 exits the concurrency and heads south. The route continues south through some hilly terrain as a 2-lane undivided highway, before eventually having an intersection with SR-654. Shortly after the intersection, VA-100 enters some more mountainous terrain, running parallel to Pine Run. Eventually, the route intersects SR-609, before heading southwest and entering Wythe County.

Shortly after entering the county, VA-100 crosses the New River and curves southeast. The route then passes through the community of Barren Springs, shortly before intersecting SR-607. VA-100 continues southeast from this intersection, before eventually entering Carroll County.

After being in the county for a while, the route intersects SR-693, before curving to the east. Shortly after, VA-100 curves back to the south at an intersection with SR-783 as it straightens out. The route then gains a climbing lane, which lasts until it reaches the southern intersection with SR-783. VA-100 continues south, before passing by some small residential areas.

The route starts to pass through rolling hills as it continues south, before eventually reaching the eastern border of the Town of Hillsville. VA-100 then curves to the southeast, before eventually reaching its southern end at an intersection with US 221.

My Experiences:

The only part of VA-100 I've been on is the concurrency with I-81, which I've been on both directions multiple times, most recently on August 28, 2023.

Unrelated to actually being on the route, but this is the *100th* Route Post I've published onto Hunty Roads. The first one was on 12/12/22 with VA-20. This one was published on 5/18/24.

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