US 48

 US 48 is a road that goes from I-79 east of Weston, WV, to I-81 just north of Strasburg. But since this is a Virginia based website, only the Virginia portion will be here. The route is concurrent with VA-55 the entire length.

US 48 Shield

The Route Path:

US 48 enters Virginia with WV-55 and VA-55. Both routes head down the mountain, and pass through some rural areas. US 48 and VA-55 pass through the small community of Lebanon Church, on their way to I-81. The routes pass by multiple small airfields. and the small community of Clary, as they reach I-81, where US 48 ends. VA-55 continues through Strasburg, eventually reaching US 29 in Gainesville.

My Experiences:

I have never been on US 48, however, I have passed by its eastern end on I-81 SB.

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