June 1, 2024 - Fourth Blog Post

 Welcome back to the Hunty Roads Monthly Blog, where I spill everything about my monthly travels, posts, and more. This edition is somewhat focused on the future of Hunty Roads, as I have some huge plans for the website/brand in the next few months.

Just like the last post, Mini-posts are not a thing for two reasons, the first is more Expansion-related stuff, and the second one is... (read below). I've added a couple of topics for this edition of the Blog too.

Something surprisingly new with this edition is the lack of Route Posts released alongside it. Instead, I have added an entire new section to the website under the name "Special". This new section will be home to the Mini-Post ideas I have/will have, as well as Routes that don't fit under the Routes Page. The two routes I was planning on adding to the website alongside this edition will have their Route Posts released sometime this month.

May Travels:

May was unfortunately one of my most disappointing travel months of my career. Unlike January/February, however, I did manage to get a "mini-trip" in for Madison, VA.

The start of the month already didn't go so well for my travels, as on the 1st, I had a short trip to Goochland planned, but ultimately cancelled it as I had developed a cold that day. I sort of made up for it on the 2nd, with a quick stop in Albemarle County, before heading back up to my home.

The cold would be gone enough for me to leave Greene County again on the 8th, with me taking a few pictures of signs that I already took countless pictures of. My next road pictures would come on May 11th, during a mini-trip to Madison. That trip, with its 33 photos, would be my biggest day of the month for my travels.

On the 17th, I walked around a neighborhood in Albemarle County, taking pictures of some rectangle secondary route signs. The next day, which was the 1-year anniversary of my Trip to NC was nowhere near as good as the same day a year prior, but I did manage to get two photos in Stanardsville. Those two photos would somehow end up being the last for the disappointment of a month.

May Posts/Pages:

For the first month since February, I published more than 5 Route Posts. This time, I published 6** Route Posts during the month of May. One of these would also end up being the 100th Route Post published to Hunty Roads!!

Here is the list of published Route Posts during the month:

I-495 (5/1)
US 21 (5/1)
VA-211 (5/8)
VA-76 (5/9)
VA-51 (5/9)
VA-100 (5/18)

And here are the updated posts for the month:

Expansion Into NC:

On last month's edition, I had a topic for Expansion on it replacing the Mini-posts. I gave two main options, and I was (and still am) leaning towards the 1st one, which is to create a separate blog and change the format and style to match this one.

If I do go through with the NC Expansion, it will likely be during June, with the next blog post being mostly about it. Expect some new features/sections there, since I likely won't have the Monthly Blogs and Road Trips pages over there. Also expect the main Hunty Roads logo to be changed, likely with a VA and an NC State Route shield on the right side. Again, this expansion isn't 100% guaranteed, neither is anything I said about the NC site.

Monthly Road Trip %:

Summer is starting up, so here is the first Montly Road Trip % of the season. 

Place Chances Updates From Last Month
Virginia Beach, VA 85% +5%
Massanutten, VA 75% 0%
Hinesville/Savannah, GA 70% 0%
Pigeon Forge/Gatlinurg, TN 70% [NEW]
Lynchburg, VA 65% 0%
Yorktown, VA 65% +10%
Buckingham Co. VA 60% 0%
Franklin, WV 60% +10%
Richmond Area, VA 60% -25%
Waynesboro, VA 60% 0%
Roanoke, VA 55% [NEW]
Staunton, VA 55% 0%
Fayetteville, NC 50% 0%
Myrtle Beach, SC 50% -20%
Ocean City, MD 50% 0%
Harrisonburg, VA 45% 0%
Cape Charles, VA 40% 0%
Doswell, VA 40% 0%
Hilton Head, SC 40% -20%
Baltimore, MD 35% 0%
Bristol, TN-VA 35% +0%
Gainesville, VA 30% 0%
Front Royal, VA 25% 0%
Washington, DC 25% 0%
York/Harrisburg, PA 25% [NEW]
Greensboro, NC 20% [NEW]
Orlando, FL 20% -10%
Rehoboth Beach, DE 20% 0%
Winchester, VA 20% 0%
Charleston, SC 15% 0%
Farmville, VA 15% +10%
Luray, VA 15% 0%
Wildwood, NJ 15% 0%
Leesburg, VA 10% 0%
Martinsburg, WV 10% 0%
Wilmington, NC 10% 0%
Dallas-Fort Worth, TX 5% 0%
International (VIA Cruise) 5% 0%
Ocala, FL 5% 0%

Destination Previous Chances
Winchester, VA [N/A]
Harrisonburg, VA [N/A]
Washington, DC 45%
Palmyra, VA [N/A]
Short Pump, VA 90%

Next Month:

Next month's edition of the blog will have Route Posts released alongside it again, as well as more sections added to it. If I expand to another state (NC...), then next month's post will be mostly about it.

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